Welcome Statement

You are a child of God, beautiful and unique, and you are welcome here. We don’t welcome you here to change or tolerate you, we welcome you here to celebrate you. You are welcome here because…….

We believe that all people are children of God and are of sacred worth, and we welcome you to Morristown UMC!

We believe our lives have been transformed by choosing to follow Jesus Christ and His teachings.

We welcome all who seek Christ and a transformed life!

We believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word. We use our experience, our intellect, and our traditions to interpret the scriptures.

We believe sexuality is God’s gift to humanity. We recognize gender as a fluid concept, and human sexuality as a spectrum. We welcome all expressions of both. We welcome all who are in the process of discerning or transitioning.

We believe in the full rights of LGBTQIA+ Persons in the life of the church.

We believe in God’s grace. We are not perfect. So, we welcome all who are imperfect and are a work in progress, seeking to live a redeemed life.

We believe we are citizens of the kindom* of God which has no borders. Your birth certificate is of no importance to us. Therefore, we welcome those born of any nation, who speak any language, who have any color skin.

We believe in family. We welcome ALL families, regardless of composition, recognizing that they may be made up of a single individual or many individuals. We welcome ALL persons into our church family where we endeavor to support and encourage each other in this life’s journey.

We believe all children should be safe, whether at the border or in Sunday School. We have intentionally implemented safe sanctuary policies to ensure the safety of children at Morristown UMC. All children are welcomed, cherished, and protected here.

We believe in the diversity of God’s creation, and we celebrate self-expression. So we welcome those who dress casually or formally, rugged or fancy, have not a hair out of place or not a hair on their head, are inked, pierced, or neither.

We believe in the power of God’s love and we believe…in you.

Welcome! Welcome! We hope you will make your home with us.

*This is NOT a typo
This welcome statement was adopted by the Church Council on December 3, 2019.