We made it to Wednesday!

Today was our third work-day on our ASP work trip. They were NOT JOKING when they said it is usually the most physically challenging. But it was also amazing and rewarding! I wish you could have seen the sparkle in an elderly woman’s eyes when she saw a bunch of holes and poles in her yard turn into a ramp!

The day started again with music and breakfast and loading supplies, making sandwiches for lunch, and loading up supplies and people to head to our work sites. The “Everything But The…” team had a small supply of tin get delivered today so they were able to put that on lickety-split. And when they had finished all they could do until they get more tin, they headed over to give “Red, White, and Blueberry” a hand. The holes for our handicap ramp had been approved by the local inspector earlier and things were really shaping up! The other team arrived after lunch and we all worked in tandem and got SO MUCH DONE! It was wonderful. We worked late and are in good shape to complete the task by end of week.

After we got back and had cleaned up, we had a surprise guest before dinner. Walter Crouch is the CEO/President of ASP and came to personally hand out some certificates of achievement. Our very own Jimmy Lombardo was honored for TWENTY YEARS of being an ASP volunteer! Way to go Jimmy!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Please pray for us to stay physically and spiritually strong for the last two days of work. Sorry tonight’s update is so short. I’ve got to take some Advil and hit the hay.


Pastor Luana