One of Pastor Luana’s greatest joy is telling the story of God’s love for all people as known through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Having seen God’s inspired word used as a tool of division and discrimination, she endeavors to honor God with its use and to always err on the side of GRACE.

Luana’s church life began when a production of Jesus Christ Superstar led her to Washington Square United Methodist Church in 1994 where her heart was strangely warmed.  She enrolled at Drew Theological School and was later recruited back to her home state of WV by a DS named Thomas Bickerton.

She has served in rural and urban appointments, and always relies on the Gospel regardless of her context.

She doesn’t believe Social Justice Warrior is an insult and will always champion the marginalized because her faith compels her to do so. She excels in making complex theological concepts accessible through engaging, candid, often animated, preaching.

She enjoys roller derby, falafels, the Oxford comma, and caffeine. She considers recycling a spiritual discipline. Along with her daughter she enjoys Marvel movies, Science Fiction, fanfiction, and all types of music. She is often found with a mug of fair trade coffee in her hand.

Luana received her Master’s of Divinity (MDiv) at the turn of the century from Drew Theological School. She is a member of the Order of Elders and serves in full connection. She is a Circuit Elder in the Skylands District of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.

Her previous appointments include the Short Creek UMC/West Liberty Federated Charge, Central UMC, and most recently Milford UMC. She served as Executive Director of Community Development & Outreach Center, (CDOM), Inc. in Charleston, WV, and at that time represented the WV Conference on the Kid’s Count Board of Directors. She served as chairperson for the WV Conference Church & Society Board, working closely with the WV Council of Churches and the WV Legislature.

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