Resources for Environmental Stewardship & Climate Justice

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Our EarthAware commitments include: educate our congregation about the increasing destruction of our natural world and environment and act responsibly individually and collectively to do all in our power to lessen this environmental destruction. As we continue to learn about the best practices for environmental stewardship and actions we can take for climate justice, we offer these resources that we have found helpful.


As we learned from Julia Koch during her “Making Recycling Matter” presentation, recycling can feel complicated but it’s an important component of environmental stewardship. We’ve uploaded a copy of “Morris-County-Environmental-Guide“, provided by the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority as an aid to navigating recycling best practices. The MCMUA website also has great information and tips for recycling.


An important component of stewardship is getting to know the environment itself by spending time outdoors. The Morris County Parks Commission maintains excellent park facilities in our local area, and offers regular events (in-person & virtual) to learn about many aspects of the natural world. The Morris Parks website lists these events. You can also subscribe to their email newsletters for regular updates about events.

The Morris Plains All Seasons Garden Club shares a list of gardens to visit, local nurseries, plant sales, pollinator resources, plant species organizations, and Garden Clubs that our members have found very helpful!


There are a number of advocacy organizations that provide outstanding resources for environmental and climate justice advocacy. Our members find these organizations particularly helpful, and suggest joining their mailing lists and following their social internet accounts to “stay in the know” about action and advocacy in the wider community.

GreenFaith: building a worldwide, multi-faith climate and environmental movement.

United Methodist Women Climate Justice: United Methodist Women calls for sound stewardship of the earth and environmentally friendly lifestyles that preserve creation for the benefit of present and future generations.