Aloha from Appalachia! 

Aloha from Appalachia!

Each day of an ASP work week has a theme that people express with shirts, hats, bandanas. This week our themes were America Monday, Tie-Dye Tuesday, Christmas in July, Tropical Thursday, and ASP Friday where you wear an ASP shirt. So we’ve been in shirts and bandanas with Hawaiian print all day!

Today’s work was steady and rewarding. We were threatened with storms but were able to work the whole day.

Tonight’s dinner was a cook-out at a local park. There was volleyball and open fields and a lot of food. It helped for all the teams to be together because as the end of the week approaches, we’re all a bit sad we will be leaving our homeowners. My team has grown quite fond of our new friend, and she has expressed the same. We plan on staying in touch, and I hope we can do so.

My team and I went to Walmart for some gifts for our homeowner. We found a beautiful potted plant, two new cushions and a pillow for her porch swing that her father made years ago, and a cart to help her get her groceries from the car and up the new ramp we are making her. We hope she likes the gifts and they give her joy. Plus, we’re all sad to think of not seeing her after Friday, so we hope she’ll remember us fondly when she uses them.

We’ll also hand out the prayer shawls tomorrow to our homeowners and ASP summer staff. More pictures tomorrow!

Please pray for us as we work hard to do as much work as we can to make homes warmer, safer, and drier before we leave. And also please pray that the bonds we have made with each other and with our homeowners are lasting and life affirming.

We give thanks to God for this wonderful opportunity, and are grateful for your support and prayer.

Pastor Luana