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Finance Manager

Mike Laba


In our weekly staff meetings when it’s my turn to talk about church finances I always start with “the money comes and the money goes…” which pretty much sums up my job.  I retired some time ago but I enjoy being part of this church “family” so I now do this part time.  The job matches my gifts and I love being in Morristown, which for me is the greatest town in New Jersey.  It has the history, great dining and night life and a real sense of community.

My job involves keeping track of donations, paying bills, reporting status to the finance committee, and keeping an eye out for opportunities to reduce costs.  Two cost reduction efforts that were successfully completed this year include a new contract for our Printers and copiers and a new vendor for our credit card processing.  In challenging times we need to run a tight ship.

I enjoy golf, usually with Jack, skiing, playing bridge and watching sports.  Whenever I get the chance we visit my daughters and grandchildren in California and Boston.  Jackie and I love to dine out and are charter members of the churches International dinner club group.

A big surprise last year was learning that a former parishioner remembered us in his will.  His name was Charles H. Nuttle, Jr and he apparently attended this church a very long time ago – we must have made a good impression.  He lived to be 106 years old and passed away January 2019.  We are a church that is almost 200 years old and we are still having an impact on peoples lives every day.  I love that.